Alicia Keys

To love you when you're right
Love you when you're wrong
Love you when you're weak
Love you when you're strong
Take you higher when the world got you feeling low
He's giving you his last, cause he’s thinking of you first
Giving comfort when he's thinking that you're hurt
That's what's done when you really love someone
I'm telling ya’ll, I'm telling ya’ll

Cause you're a real man
And Lord knows it's hard
Sometimes you just need a woman's touch
Sweet affection, love and support
When it's real its unconditional
I'm telling ya’ll, oh
Cause a woman ain't a woman if she ain’t woman enough

Sometimes you're gonna argue, sometimes you're gonna fight
Sometimes it's gonna feel like it'll never be right
But something so strong keeps you hold’n on
It don't make sense but it makes a good song
Cause a man just ain't a man if he ain’t man enough